Jeff Golub

Most of you I'm sure are familiar with Jazz/Blues guitarist Jeff Golub. Last week I got the word that he had lost 90% of his eyesight. I of course was very saddened to hear this especially since I had just done a show with him in Kansas City two weeks prior. I just want ask all of you, friends and fans of Jeff's to send a special prayer out to him and his family. Those of you who know Jeff know that he is a strong man and will continue on playing the guitar as only he can with energy and passion. I have learned that we can never take anything for granted, everyday and moment with friends and family is a gift!

Next CD

I did a session today with the great Euge Groove for my next CD!!!! Look for it in the Summer!!

Focus on the good!!

When you allow others to take your focus off the good you do and accomplish, you only hurt yourself and the people who really care about you!! Onward and upward!!


The music industry is like any business, it's has much more to do with other things other than just the business of music. We musicians must remember that the music industry is about relationships!!!! It is not about how fast you can play, or how cool you look. Maintain the relationships you have and develop new ones. Be sincere because when you are not, people can sense that and shy away. DW


Focused in 2010 and prepared for what lies ahead. Keeping my eyes is on the positive and leaving the negative behind. DW

January 28th!!

Have you ever had a day that you just knew God's light was shining on you? Today I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of one of my favorite musicians, Mr. Tom Barney. Tom has played bass with the who's who of jazz and pop ranging from David Sanborn, Steely Dan to Bette Midler. What a day it was!!

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