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Hi Darryl, I am in Australia and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your new album Here to Stay. It is fantastic, infectious and uplifting. The title track, Here to Stay, gives me goosebumps and is such a pleasure to listen to. My Grandson, a 4 year old, even enjoys it and commented "Wow, that so cool Poppy" Thank you so much for this release. Looking forward to future albums from you..
Love your music
Darryl, "DW" congratulations on the release of your album. "Here to stay" is in heavy rotation here in Vegas 91.5, and the the track sounds great. You sound better than ever. I am so happy for your accomplishments and success. Here's wishing you much more of the same. David Guzman, "DG" much love to you and yours. Email me and we can catch up.
Keep The Music Strong My old Friend
Darryl, It was great to see you again in Old Town Temecula. It had been so long and my fiancé and I really enjoyed a night out listening to you and all the wonderful performers. Thanks again for a fantastic performance and we will see you again soon.
Nice clean site.
Well you know I love love love your music Darryl. Always a pleasure to hear you play as well as sing with you. I'm here relaxing while on your page , very cool Darryl! :D Your music is amazing and you're my favorite bass player!
Hi Darryl! :-) You are a wonderful talent & Funky Bassist!! Look for an email from me: jamie@smoothjazz.com Cheers! & Huge Support! :-) XO!
What's up funky man. Carvin sounds great. I'm in San deigo in June . I will try to catch up with you. Peace
Hello Darryl, hope you are doing well..give me a call, I might have some work for you in California 702-2088254
Daryl, I gathered up a few extra programs from the KSBR Birthday Bash. I will give them to you if you'd like to have some for momento's or to send to friends and family.
I am wondering if you give bass lessons? I live in Riverside. I've playing bass for longer than I am willing to admit.
My local bass icon. Keep it funky DW!
Wife Ann and i love seeing you guys every Weds. Its our official "date nite".
Saw you on June 4, 2014 at Humphrey's Back Stage live, and had to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed your performance. AWESOME!!! I am contacting you for info on your next performance in the New York City area. You said I could write you for tickets. If you would email me, I will give you my info so you can get me some Tickets. Can't wait to see you again. Many Thanks Jim
I used to be in a band w your brother mason, I was hoping you could connect me w him again I haven't talked to him in years and was wondering how he is.thank you Daryl for any help you can give me.
Darryl-I attend your open mike night at Q from time to time. This past Thurs there was a female vocalist, Kris, with a "K". She was great! Do you have any contact info for her, or could you give her my contact info? She did a couple of tunes, the 2nd one was a blues, and I sat in on harmonica. I would like to know if she's playing anywhere else. Your open mike night is the BEST!! You have wonderful folks sitting in - ones better than the the next! Horn players coming out of the woodwork, and they're all GOOD!! Your house band is excellent, and very versatile. I'm spreading the word to everyone I know who likes music. THANK YOU!! - Mo
Hey. cousin, it's Elaine from Bakersfield. I am planning to come to Temecula around the 9th of Feb. do you have a show happrning around that time that i can catch? Would love to see you.
your mom reminded me this week at your grand aunt's funeral that yo played jazz bass and that I should try to listen to your stuff. looking forward to it. your grand uncle david
Darryl it was great to see you last night with Elan Trotman and when we got home we bought tickets for 11/17/2013 at Spaghettini and we will be sitting in our usual front row center seats. Please make sure to bring some CD's so we can buy them directly from you instead of Amazon. If you are ever in Hutington Beach come on over for BBQ. See you soon, Van
One man can make a difference in this world. Darryl has single-handedly transformed the jazz/r&b/soul scene in the most unlikely places. Temecula? Oceanside? Believe it. His weekly jam sessions have brought out of the woodwork unbelievably talented local musicians and singers as well as brought in well-known artists from all over the country and world to these small, unlikely venues. His weekly sessions have spawned new relationships, new bands, new opportunities and a greater local awareness and appreciation for this music. If you want to participate, bring your A game and better get there early 'cause the line to play keeps getting longer. Kudos Darryl! You probably have no idea what a difference you've made.
I enjoyed the jam session at the Q restaurant last night. Thank you for making me feel welcome.
Hi Daryl, This is Arlene tell Maryann to call me please (626) 240-3396.
Very nice sound, What is your go to bass? Thanks and Regards, Rick
Nice looking site.
Daryl was supurb in beautiful Avalon at the Jazz festival...check him out at Spaghettini on Oc.t 28th!
hey darryl great running into you last night..finally! u look great..sorry i was unable to catch a bit of your show..we MUST hook up at some point for sure!! peace bro and regards to the family
We really enjoyed yesterday's Jazz at the Creek. I thought you looked familiar - we were at Big Bear Jazz Trax last weekend. Will catch you again in San Diego or Spags. Tried to friend you last eve but you are 'full up.' We're friends with the Cohens, Eric and Kari (Smooth Jazz Family) and Howie and Barbara Sachs... Love the music!!
So excited for this event to kick off my summer
Really enjoying your CD That Was Then. Every song is solid. I'm amazed that you only have one CD out there. Please release more for us. Great music!
You sir are a true artist and a soulful gentleman! Thank you for continuing to entertain us all.
H there Darryll.
SF Bay Area!
What up Mr. Williams..? I hope you are well..!
Sure am looking forward to your new project. I'm so very proud of you! Your Soul is Deep and Rich. You are a Blessing to so many. Thank you for sharing you will all of us!
Great work with Jonathan Fritzen! A genuine pleasure watching you work!
Darryl, I'm David Lumsden, the guitar player who's been sitting in with you lately, including Wednesday night this last week at Sharon's. I wanted to get your phone number, and then I forgot when I lost my damn credit card. Please give me a call at 360-509-3260, or drop me an email at dalums@mac.com if you get a chance.
Just fanned you on RV. Your sound totally blew me away. What a talent. I will certainly be buying your sound. Fabulous and addicting!!!!!!
Hi Darryl. Just dropped in to let you know what a plesure it was to meet you @ NAMM. My wife & I were hanging out with Sekou & Lura @ the Carvin booth. I'm from Philadelphia. If you find out your booked to play in this area please let me know, my wife & I would love to see you with Euge Groove or anyone else.
Man i love your sound.You inspired me to get a sb 5000.What type of amp and strings do you use?
You are one of the most talented musician I have ever met. I hope you will consider me as a deep admirer, and a friend, if you will.
I love your music. You're a great artist; truly one of a kind. I would love to meet you one day, keep up the good work. What's next for you? I'm looking forward to hearing more of your great music.
It was a pleasure meeting you at the Gardena jazz concert. I hope to get as talented as you on my bass. Wish there was a way to get lessons from you. Take care and be blessed
Darryl, pleasure hearing u play at Mario's last night and then hanging out with u afterwards. I'm feeln' ur debut album. Gonna pick me up a copy!
Absolutely love your music! Hope to be able to play it on WCWK Radio soon!
We absolutely love your music! We are big fans!
Loving your music!!!! Keep up the great music,
I just saw you played with Hollis... do you know Ron Veliz (guitar)
Great music! ...keep it coming!
I am happy that I had an opportunity to visit your site (technology is great). I learned of you while visiting the Carvin Website where I have been trying to make a decision on purchasing a Bass Amp. On the power of your testimony (and video with the other gentleman) I plan to purchase the BX500 and a half stack speaker. Since I am on the east coast (southeast) I am not plugged into the music sence on the west coast. I plan to purchase your CD (that was then). I want my son (who is learning to play bass) to hear what a polished bass professional sounds like. Best wishes and much success to you and your family.
Not sure you'll remember my son, Adam, who was one of your bass students back at Guitar Center... well, you taught him well! His band, Moondog Matinee (from Reno) is playin in LV March 11 as part of the Neon Music Reverb. His website: www.moondogmatinee.com has some free downloads of their music. Thought you might like to see how well he's doing - thanks to YOU!!
Pleasure meeting you in parking lot today while helping a friend/worship leader move. I still play at church on weekends. My son David (Scoop) is a bassist also. He was there also. I hope he can get to meet you one day. Go to Souljournersband.com when you can. Souljourners is a progressive band. God Bless. Kevin B.
Thanks for hangin with us Saturday. See you soon at Sharons
Great to hear you and meet you with Clint at the Colony. Hope to see you soon, you groovin' cat!!!!! We're gonna get your CD.
I came across the "That Was Then" CD searching for Jazz on itunes and was blown away by it. Darryl Williams is an amazing talent. I can't wait til his next CD comes out........
Keep the music flowing Darryl !
Hey D, Thanks for all that you do on the circuit putting it down for us bass fans. I trust all is well, but most importantly keep your head up, stay encouraged and remember your source. Also I will contact Bubby to let him know your a fan...lol Your friend, Shonny B
Love your site and your music.It's plain to see and hear that You play music because you truly Love It!! Stay Blessed Darryl !! I can't wait to get my Carvin SB5000!!
I'm Darryl Williams , just heard about him this is no joke that is my real birth name , I would like to meet him someday, where can i buy at least one of your CD, Im not working right now , Free ticket for me and my lady ,in Kansas or Sprint center in Misouri ( 913-633-9823 Darryl Williams )
Hey Darryl - enjoyed your music at Simply Sharon's and look forward to wednesday nights there. Don't forget to bring your cd for purchase. I am excited about that.
Hey Darryl it is nice to know you are doing well. I remember those Stein days. I hope to see you perform live soon. Rodney
Very nice! Love the site, and the music is just awesome! WOW...just beautiful. :)
Hey Bro!! Just checkin in with the website for the latest dates on your calander. I'll probably make the "Anthology" and the Humphys on Aug. 8th. Take care of yourself on the road and God Bless!! Your friend and brother,] Kenny
Great cover, love the demo piece. Hope to see you at a gig soon. I have been slack and not venturing out much. I pray for God's blessings on your life and that this this cd is explosively successful.
"That Was Then is very nice." It's sexy. I've seen you a couple of times at 4 Point's. The first time, I wasn't familiar with your music but you have a new fan, and I've been telling all of friends about you. I will definately buy this one. Keep working those strings.
Darryl, I'm in afghanistan right now until Jan 2011. Use to watch you all over Vegas (Gordon Biersch, Caesars, etc.) I will spread these Albums all over Afghanistan. Trust me, these troops will know who Darryl Williams is when i'm done. Good luck!!!!!
loved your site and your fresh sound, we're interested in your music for our local record store, Please write us or log on to our website to contact us for more information on your demos and CD's- "Sound Attitude" 630 N.Palora ave Yuba City,Ca 95993 http://www.soundattitude.org
Darryl............Words can't describe how much I enjoy your music. Honored to know you. See you Sunday.
My brother. I see you makin' it do what it do. Nice site. Putting your art out there so all may withness your talents and ambitions. My all your well desired sucesses come into fruition. Peace and Blessings.
Hello I enjoyed meeting you today at your house, music is soothing & relaxing. Also told my buddy lives in Denver, CO when you be in city so I hope comes listens on 03/12/10.
Fantastic CD Darryl. you're keeping an old bass man on his toes. Much success my friend!!!
I play this All Day Long! The Spirit of Excellence Thru and Thru. Congrats D! Chat with you soon! Danny B.
Hello Mr. Williams: Just to say thank you very much for your great music. "That Was Then" is an excellent album. From www.nosolosmoothjazz.com CONGRATULATIONS.
I just saw you preform in PHX. As I was walking out I heard this song that was awesome. I stopped and asked the person in the back. He told me it was you, bro you need to tell Lober to have you play atleast "take it Slow" talking about nice!!!! My wifey and I download the song on Rhapsody. Thanks Michael & Leslie Morrow
Very nice...Take it Slow...it's good to see that you are doing your thing! Hope to catch you at a show real soon!
Hey Darryl what's happening long time no see your looking good, and the music sounds great God bless you, and keep on doing whatcha doing. Hope to see you at the Family Reunion in las Vegas this year in july. heres the e-mail add williamscrawford09@live.com
Hi Darryl, I met U at the Smooth Jazz concert at Harrah's.I purchased a CD from U and I like it.Keep up the good work.
Heard your music on Music Choice Jazz channel. Sounds great. I am a Dallas area bandleader and producer. Hope to meet you someday. Keep it up. Peace.
Nice meeting you in Annapolis with Euge Groove. I just downloaded your cd from Amazon and I'm loving it !!!!!! Stay well. Tina
So Very Good To See You Last Night. Brought Back Memories Going Back To Early 2004 When I First Caught Sight Of You On Stage. Let Me Know When You Make It To Phx, AZ. You Look Great! Peace & Love
Nice show on talkinsmoothjazz
Congrats on your album and career. Yeah I am the Sam that went to Patrick Henry and who lived around the corner from your cousin Michelle aka Evangel. Let me know when and where your next gig is. Peace
When are you coming back to Humphrey's? We miss listening to all that sexy jazz!!
Darryl, That was Then is absolutely beautiful. I listen to the CD all the time. Everyone that hears it in my car or home has asked about the CD. I have referred them to your website. Luv you cuz, keep doing it moving.........................
I saw your band at Spaghttini's last night. Great show !!!!
Darryl I first heard your music on TV and was taken aback by what I heard. I need to find the CD.
Hello Darryl, your "That Was Then" cd is in rotation in my car!!!!!!!!
I saw you with Euge Groove in Newport, didn't realize you had a cd. I love your music!!!
So you let the locs go! It's been almost 3 years since seeing you in Vegas with Ghalib. I am excited for you and the success you are now seeing - keep pushing on your journey.
Hey Darryl I am an aspiring bass player - mostly classic rock, alternative stuff, blues. Hope to be able to play like Darryl Williams in another thirty years or so. Great stuff!!
Darryl (calling you by your first name like I know you personally, what unmitigated gall right? LOL) Anyway, I just heard one of your songs from your latest CD. I listen to jazz a lot, but I must say that this is the first time that I actually heard of you thanks to Music Choice on Cox Cable. Keep up the good work. Also, I'm glad to know that you're saved Bro.
Hey Darryl, We performed together a few weeks ago at Pechanga Casino (Eagles Nest). Just wanted to follow up with you. Great CD.....Sounds like you've got a winner! (Everything Must Change---NICE) Really enjoyed the hit at Pechanga---loved your sound and feel:-) I look forward to speaking and performing with you sooner than later!
Luv yur music bro. Keep doin your thing and I'll keep listening.
Love the site...I added "Everything Must Change" to my myspace page...myspace.com/maplove69
The sound is GOOD!!! I love the bass and you "do you thang wit it"! I pray the Lord bless you beyond your dreams!!!
Darryl it was nice to meet you and play some great music together at the Brick Marble with SaVio. Although I was a bit under the weather, I forgot about it once we all started jamming. I hope we all can jam again soon. Dont hesitate to call if you could use a sax man or a great drummer like my son. Take Care out there, BenJamin
D- Work it man! Good to see you last week. You the man, great things comming your way, keep him first. See you next Sunday Ron